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Facials Against Suicide:

Facials Against Suicide: About The Spa

What we are about

Do you know anyone who has attempted suicide? Went through with suicide? Or even had to cope with the loss of someone who has left them?

Well here at Heavenly Day Spa we raise money for Suicide Awareness. We team up with Common Ground and hold an event every February. We provide facial/waxing/massage services for minimal prices, we have raffles, treats galore, and then at night we host a candle vigel to bring everyone together for guest speakers to share their personal stories. All the money we raise that day goes to Common Ground to help fund their hotline where individuals struggling can call or text 24/7.

Facials Against Suicide: Welcome

Facials Against Suicide

February 26th,2022

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How did this fundraiser start?

I started this fundraiser after my Dad committed suicide in 2009, my grandfather committed suicide in 2013, and my uncle committed suicide in 2018.

I decided the best coping mechanism for me is to help others who are struggling with the loss of a loved one who took their own life, or a loved one contemplating suicide. I get to remember my dad, grandpa, & uncle while helping others turn pain into purpose.

If you want to get involved with FAS please contact us. 

Also click below to check out Common Ground

Facials Against Suicide: Text

See what were about

Turning pain into purpose is our motto

Facials Against Suicide: Meet the Team
Facials Against Suicide: Meet the Team
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